By Max Pozdeev, March 21, 2011 17:39

This is a bugfix release. Thank you for reports.

Download v1.4.2


  • always specify content-type header to override webserver defaults
  • fixed: can not change password in Opera

Also one string added into translation.

111 Responses to “v1.4.2”

  1. Ghost says:

    You are welcome :)
    And thank you for updates :)

    • MIke says:

      Not sure where to put this. I have a question on modifying script. I would like the tabs to be in different colors and also the tags on each note to match tabs to category they are in. Thanks.

  2. Sam says:

    In the new version, can the todo lists be exported via standard rss. My rss reader is not able to recognize the feed url.

    • Max Pozdeev says:

      Yes, you can export RSS feed. I’ve tested in Google Reader.
      Which rss client do you use?

      • Sam says:

        Thanks for the update, the problem was in my rss client at android “minimal reader” it could not read https rss links.

  3. Pathe says:

    Thanks for the update

  4. Pathe says:

    I just checked it out and it works in Opera now. Thanks.

  5. Thomas says:

    awesome, much appreciated. keep up the good work, I really like mytinytodo, its very helpful.

  6. Danila Spiridonov says:

    А вы не думали сделать приложение для App Store? Скажем с возможностью синхронизации записей.

    • Max Pozdeev says:

      Мысли такие посещают меня :)
      Хотя… есть же wunderlist, в том числе и под андроид.

      • Danila Spiridonov says:

        Ну не знаю, мне wunderlist не понравился. Я бы за приложение с возможностью синхронизации с моим web-списком готов был бы заплатить и $9.99. По функционалу мне больше всего нравится Things, но он стоит $9.99 и умеет синхронизироваться только с Mac’ом (за 50 баксов вроде).

        • Danila Spiridonov says:

          Вот чем (навскидку) мне не понравился wunderlist:

          1. Шрифт в заметках (notes)
          2. Ссылки в заметках отображаются как текст (для меня критично)
          3. Вывод даты непривычный для русского человека МЕСЯЦ/ДЕНЬ/ГОД

          • Danila Spiridonov says:

            + нет возможности нормальной сортировки задач (по разным критериям)

            + нельзя выставлять приоритеты +2 +1 0 -1

  7. Котенок Шредингера says:

    А у меня вот такая ошибка появляется в версии 1.4.2:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function json_encode() in /srv/http/mytinytodo/init.php on line 152 Call Stack: 0.0052 760040 1. {main}() /srv/http/mytinytodo/ajax.php:0 0.0176 1035348 2. jsonExit() /srv/http/mytinytodo/ajax.php:28

    Помогите разобраться, пожалуйста.
    Archlinux, Apache 2.2.17-1, Mysql 5.5.10, PHP 5.3.6

  8. FS says:

    This script is excellent! I have a few things I’d like to possibly have customized do you do any custom consulting work on the script or know anyone else who knows the coding well?

  9. viktor says:

    hi, when I move an item, i always get the error 403 forbidden
    how can I fix that?


    • viktor says:

      can someone help me? please answer to my email address. thank you!

    • Max Pozdeev says:

      What browser do you use?
      What url do you see in address bar when this happens?

      • viktor says:

        Browser: Safari
        Some error occurred (click for details)
        HTTP: 403/Forbidden

        same error with google crome
        thank you for the support

        • Max Pozdeev says:

          Try to open in browser this url: /mytinytodo/ajax.php

          If your mytinytodo installation has access via internet you can send me the address to my email: maxpozdeev@gmail.com

          • viktor says:

            Same error. Is there any possibility to fix this error? I can’t send you the access, it’s a internal todo list of a company.
            best V.

  10. Daniel says:

    There is an error when I fill in a due date manually…
    I continuesly keep getting this date:→ 3030-0404-0808

    this happens when I try the date: 08-04-2011 (April 8th, 2011)
    bugfix for new version? ;)

  11. daniel says:

    I guess my previous reply wasn’t appreciated? i had the error in the date/time format.
    will this be in a next update?

  12. daniel says:

    first, sorry for my last comment, you can delete it ;) thnx for the reaction:
    i specify this:
    date format: d F Y
    short date format: dd-mm-yy

  13. Ali says:

    He Give Me An Error when i add some task or any thing .. ” Exception: ‘Table ‘Database_todo.mtt_todolist’ doesn’t exist’ in /usr/home/MySite/public_html/FileName/class.db.mysql.php:24 “

  14. Laurent says:


    thanks for this super soft.
    it will nice to have USER login (for store task of different user)

  15. FS says:

    Any way to make the name of the chosen list shown when doing a print? If you go to print preview in IE or Firefox, or just go ahead and print it you don’t have the list title. Any way to make it so it will say the name of the list the items are from at the top? I’d say this is a worthy addition to consider :)

  16. Petr says:

    Here is just a small hint from my daily practice with myTinyTodo.
    The most effective sorting order for me is prio DESC, d_created DESC

    in ajax.php add following code somewhere around line 88 and set “sorting” to be 5 in table lists):

    elseif($sort == 5) $sqlSort .= “prio DESC, d_created DESC”; // byPrioDateCreated

  17. akaroot says:

    Very good ToDo Manager!
    But VERY lacking wysiwyg editor for notes.

    Please, realize that opportunity

  18. Chad says:

    Very much enjoying MyTinyTodo. Light, fast, and importantly, actively developed and able to be installed on my own host. I sued to use tasktoy (tasktoy.com), but it stopped being developed and I was always afraid it would just go away. Especially when the developer started having connection issues. It did have a few nice things though. Each project or list had a color, and items were listed in that color, so you could also look at a list of everything and easily see the context. And you could easily set due dates like ‘next month’ or ‘every friday’ and it would understand that and hide it until it was due (and repeating items would go away when checked off, but return ‘every friday’). So I thought I’d share those feature ideas with you, and if you like them you could implement them, but if you don’t, that;s okay too, because mytinyTodo is already better in many ways.

  19. codex73 says:

    I just installed the MyTinyTodo. Having the difficulty figuring out why completed tasks vanish from view. Using IE9.

    Any way to work around this or the script is intended to work like that? IE9 issue?

  20. Milan says:

    Hi Max,

    is it possible to use the application in a multi-user mode?

  21. xor says:

    Сделайте пожалуйста, чтоб при разрыве сессии показывало кнопку “Вход”, а то приходится F5 жать. И еще как указать время сессии, когда сессии хранятся в файлах?

    • Max Pozdeev says:

      Да, надо будет что-нибудь придумать.
      А время сессии – 14 дней.

      • xor says:

        Странно, у меня очень часто через 3-4 часа отваливается сессия…

        • xor says:

          Вроде понял почему: в каталоге tmp/sessions пусто, хотя права на запись есть всем и в настройках стоит хранить сессии в файлах, странно…

          • xor says:

            Похоже дело в хостинге, там нельзя куда-попало сессии писать, жаль…

  22. Richard M says:

    Is it possible to columnise the lists yet? I asked this question some time ago but I don’t think it was possible then.

    What I want to do is create a different column for each stage of a task, eg: Expired tasks on the left, today’s tasks or tasks with no set due date in the centre and future tasks on the right.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Max Pozdeev says:

      I think this is still not easy to achieve. You want to have 3 lists, while MTT works with only one.

      • Richard M says:

        Thanks max. Continue the fantastic job. I wish I were a js developer because this project is one I’d love to contribute to.

  23. Franciel Dors says:

    what you expected to make multiuser system?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes Fraciel. In my opinion, this structure would simplify MTT even further especially for those with multiple users.

  24. Richard M says:

    Yes Francial. I think a structure like that would simplify the view even further, especially when there are multiple users using MTT.

  25. Ольга says:

    Не знаю, звучала ли это мысль, но очень не хватает поля “для кого”. В котором можно указать, для кого предназначается определённая задача.

  26. Scr says:


    I see that the “Powered by” string isn’t translatable yet.


  27. Scr says:

    There should be a way to have more than one author for each translation.

    I sugest that authors name and email should be showed much like Gnome’s application credits are show on their about dialogs.


  28. Lugir says:

    I’m using myTinyTodo v1.4.2, when i checked a item, it just disappeared than changed to cross-line text.

    How can i make a finished item show as cross-line text and can uncheck it if neened.


  29. Владимир says:

    Максим подскажи в чем проблема. Установил пароль теперь выдает ошибку при входе Warning: ’session_start() [function.session-start]: open(/home/paziy/public_html/task/tmp/sessions/sess_7eab8d1885bb1bc564cdf871d4bc1f8e, O_RDWR) failed: Permission denied (13)’ in /home/paziy/public_html/task/init.php:63 #0 /home/paziy/public_html/task/init.php(63): myErrorHandler(2, ’session_start()…’, ‘/home/paziy/pub…’, 63, Array) #1 /home/paziy/public_html/task/ajax.php(12): require_once(‘/home/paziy/pub…’) #2 {main} Fatal error: Exception thrown without a stack frame in Unknown on line 0

    При этом окно ввода пороля есть, но войти не могу

    • Max Pozdeev says:

      Похоже, дело в правах доступа на каталог с сессиями (tmp/sessions в папке mytinytodo).

  30. mihey says:

    Огромное спасибо за чудесный туду, ничего лишнего, именно то что давно искал. С недавних пор стали совместно работать в тудулист и стало не хватать многопользовательского режима, скажите пожалуйста ожидается ли такой режим в будущих версиях?

  31. Jan Wold says:

    Truly great tool !

    However, if one could make “top nodes” like a “project”, it would enable us to use it for multiple projects, with tabs. Like having 3 sites running. Any plans?

  32. Daniel Częstki says:

    Hello. When are You planning new version ?

  33. Paweł Słowik says:

    The name of the month regardless of the selected language is always English.


  34. Srikanth AD says:

    May I ask, when will the next version be released?

  35. synmuffin says:

    Is there a list of ALL $config options somewhere, took me forever to figure out $config['allow'] also want to know if there is one for making ALL tasks (both complete and incomplete) show by default.

  36. ValeryVS says:

    how to display the closed tasks strikeout instead of hiding them?
    как отображать закрытые задачи зачеркнутыми вместо того, чтобы скрывать их?

    • ValeryVS says:

      Thanks to Max, found it )
      Hmm… I thunk i will be helpful, make glogal default options “show/hide closed tasks” and “show/hide” notes.

  37. Luis says:


    From thinking on having a todo list on my webpage to having it installed in no time, your work was great!

    Thanks very much for this fine piece of art.

    One thing I have not managed to find out is what (may be tag) needs to be done to have something appear as a public task (before logging in).

    Thanks again for your time.

    Cheers from South America.


  38. ScottM says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic, lightweight tool. I use this both for personal use and for client-work for small, web-based projects.

    There’s little I’d change, perhaps the ability to upload attachments (for tasks which are bug reports etc), but that’s about it.

  39. skc says:

    Great job. The best todo list system I have ever found.

  40. FS says:

    Any new updates coming soon? Just curious to know if so.

  41. gabrin says:

    My vision of mytinytodo http://www.screenr.com/Xfw8

  42. Willy says:

    Hello and thank you very much for this great tool! the demo looks just like what i need. unfortunately I am unable to install it. I setup a MySQL Database uploaded mytinytodo to the webserver, but somehow i cannot properly execute the setup.php. after I specify the access information to the DB and click next, all i get is a blank screen. What might be the reason?

    • Willy says:

      in case ever anyone has the same problem: try calling on the setup.php from an IP outside your LAN. that’s what fixed it for me… for peculiar reasons i dont understand…

  43. Tom says:

    hi there, will you updating your script any longer?

  44. JMP says:

    Is there Still development?
    Its simple awesome. But need some styling for mobile devices.

  45. solver80 says:


    I really like this to-do list.
    I’m looking for upgrade this to do list with features:
    - customer contact list(look, adding listing and searching same as in mytinytodo)
    - Attaching task to specific customer
    - When you displaying customer info display also all task attached to customer.

  46. Sina says:

    hi ,i thanks for mytinytodo.
    Its simple and beautiful.
    i am an iranian developer.
    we use jalali calendar.
    i try convert mytinytodo date to jalali date, but i cant chang it.
    Please help me.

    whats jalali calendar?

    php jalali calendar library:

    js jalali calendar library:


  47. tat says:

    User from Hong Kong, very useful and simple little software, I use to record my todo information, or store my life dream. one thing i like most, i dont need to figure out how to use, i dont need to read manual, interface is very intuitive.

  48. Xiang Ruan says:

    Dear Max Pozdeev

    I installed mytinytodo last night. It is really a great online GTD tool for me: small, simple and interface in a very GTD way!
    This tool will be completely perfect to me if it has following functions
    * dealing with recurring tasks
    * a very simple notification function such as pop-up window or sending a notification email

    I wonder if you have any plan to add above functions?

    Thank you again for your great work

    best regards,

  49. Ernst says:

    Nice tool.

    It seems to be a little bug in datepicker.
    The month are not translated.

  50. Pedro says:

    Thanks for this tool! It works great!
    As a suggestion, it would be good to have a “text” field for filling some information when the task is marked as done. It would be useful for texts like this “this work was solved and commited to the repository of project ABC”.
    thanks in advance

  51. Роман says:

    Максим, а нет ли какого-либо решения (вдруг даже платного), чтобы к проекту и к любой задаче прилеплять произвольное количество файлов?

  52. j says:

    just wanted to say – still a nice script. we are using it with success!

  53. mttdAym says:

    Hi everybody, i am a developer and i wish you can help me guys !
    In fact i would add the number of task (dynamic generated) just right of the name like for an exemple : if “Philip” has 2 task it shows “Philip (2)”.
    I think its inside the javascript code or in php files… i really don’t know…

    i hope someone can help

    Thanks Aym

  54. Talir says:

    Thank you very much for this great tool!

  55. Cade says:

    Не хватает возможности ставить зависимость одной задачи от другой

  56. Pixelraider says:

    FR: add WYSIWYG Editor

  57. Karsten says:

    Next version of myTinyTodo

    I am using your ToDo application and it fits nearly perfect to my needs.

    What i am missing is the functionality to have an email notification for the due dates.
    I found a solution here, but i will try to write a new better one in perl.

    Additionally i am missing a feature to have repeating events.
    Like no, daily, weekly, monthly, quarter, year.
    (It could be coded as one char in the database.)

    It would be helpful too, to have a field with the number of days to remind before the due date.
    Like setting 2 will remind two days before the date and 0 will not.

    So there are additional 2 fields in the table todolist needed.
    This is not the problem, but i am not good in PHP programming,
    so would it be possible that you can add this fields to the frontend?

    I will write the perl script that checks daily the due dates and will send an email notification.
    It can simply be added to the daily cron scripts in Linux.

    Then we would get together a new version 1.4.3 or 1.5.0

  58. Mike says:

    Hello, i found your great webtool today (yes it’s 2016) via Google =)

    Did you still working on this project? I’ve some little proposals:

    - an option to add an attachment to the task.
    - if a new comment is added to the Task, the date/time of the comment should be auto-insert to the text.

    Thanks a lot.

  59. Hollister says:

    How to make it compatible with PHP 7?

  60. Marc says:

    I do not understand how the demo version works. How to have the elements crossed out because when I click on the square my spots are erased which is a pity. Can you explain to me what to do? Merci

  61. Sanjay Samanta says:

    It is possible to upload image when adding or edit task? I am using v1.4.3 version.

  62. Juanma says:

    My congratulations for this application, is the best that I could find to organize my tasks. I keep all my tasks and works in this application so that it serves as a historical and to be able to consult when I want some tasks carried out some time ago. My question is if there is any possibility of inserting pagination into the task list. I have more than 8000 registered tasks and the list becomes very long. Please, could someone tell me which code I would have to insert and in what file to be able to do a pagination of eg show 50 or 100 tasks instead of all the content at once?
    Thank you very much in advance…

    Greetings from Spain

  63. kurt says:

    good job. I use it in my NAS.
    I want to write a client app for it, does it has any restful api or will ?

  64. Mike says:

    Don’t like that checking box deletes task. Just mark it complete and let user delete with dropdown menu.

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