By , February 15, 2011 23:20

One more bug was caught. Thanks to Goran Trajkovich for report.


  • Priority popup was disabled in style for mobiles
  • Fixed error while filtering by 2 tags or more in mysql version

P.S. To create you own translation you can use new tool – Translation Maker.

26 Responses to “v1.4.1”

  1. HGN says:

    Hi Max I love your soft, almost 2 years already using it, thanks for creating it. I have a little problem with the post time, could you please help me. When I post something the time it records is 4 hours in advance, for example, Ii I create a post right now at 5pm, when I save it, it shows created at 9pm, do you know how I can solve it? Thanks Max.

  2. Fons says:

    is it possible to show also the completed tasks on demand?

  3. Fons says:

    Thank you for this quick answer, i discover here other possibilities.
    I notice that we can do an export. Will it be possible to do an import of a csv file?

  4. Fons says:

    We have recurrent projects on year base and it would be nice to have a function “copy list” with all dates initialized and complete flag resetted. Is this possible? That would save each year a lot of work.
    Thanks for this beautifull application.

  5. parkerjnc says:

    Great work! Just wondering if you’ve ever considered “sub” todo items under a todo item? I find my self creating a todo and then wanting to break that down into some smaller steps to track.

  6. richard says:

    Great little app! Probably the best task manager I’ve used so far. It’s simple, intuitive and everything is one click or one key press away.

    Sub-tasks would be nice too if you can fit them in as nicely into the UI.

  7. Martin says:

    Max, thank you very much for this helpful tool! I’m wondering if you could implement following settings or give me a hint how to:
    1) Always show tab “All tasks”.
    2) Remember last sorting (I always use “Sort by due date” which unfortunately is not selected by default.)
    Kind regards, Martin

  8. Marcelo says:


    This is very cool.

    Sugestion for ur next upgrade:
    _ priority be configureted (add, remove, rename)


  9. sauldraws says:

    small addition that may not be for everyone – I always want to search all lists, so regardlessof what tab I’m one I have it switching to all lists on focus of the search field

    $(‘#search’).focus(function() {

  10. Morgan says:

    Hi Max,

    Currently in 1st year of master Information Technologie in France,

    We have a planned project that uses android technology and your program Mytinytodo.

    Our tutor asked us to contact you to know if others applications have already been created with your program.

    Could you answer us on my email address, and if you have any suggestions on our applications we would be happy to can develop theirs.

    Sincerely Morgan and Cyril.

  11. Petr says:

    Excellent appliacation!
    Simple and useful. Thank you.

    It would be amazing if possible to login under different names – multiuser support. Are you planning to add this feature?

  12. Andre Pacheco says:

    Hi there,

    I’ve made a pt-pt translation for the new version of mytinytodo.
    If you are interested you can download it here: http://feupload.fe.up.pt/get/3XDCUwuo04elVdS
    or i can send you to your mail.

    Keep adding new functions.


  13. Ken says:

    Thanks for making the script

    Just notice a bug:
    when you have set it to private and log out, the “log out” text does not go away. The only way to login again is to clear the cookies.

  14. Pathe says:

    I followed the instructions, but I’m unable to save a password and don’t see the logoff option on the screen. Any ideas?

    • Max Pozdeev says:

      Are other settings can be saved?

    • Martin says:

      I had to give write-access (via FTP-explorer) to the following directories in order to get myTinyTodo running:
      Maybe this helps?

      • Pathe says:

        Yes, other settings are saved except password, so I can’t log out. I already tried write access 666 to /tmp/sessions and /db. Reinstalled twice and same thing. Used 3 different browsers – Opera, FF, K-meleon. I’m on brand name web hosting plan, and most settings for PHP are enabled as far as I know. Didn’t try it locally yet, so that is still an option.

    • Max Pozdeev says:

      It seems to be Opera issue. I’ll fix it.

    • Max Pozdeev says:

      Fixed in v1.4.2

  15. Yaman says:

    Hi Max,
    Just found out about your software. Perfect match of simplicity and usefulness. Thanks!

  16. Julius J. Rose says:

    After update to v1.3.3 you can delete “images” directory and .css files in mytinytodo root directory.

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