By , August 19, 2022 16:02

Version 1.7, the next major release, is here. In beta status, mostly for tests and feedback.

Main goal was to add support of Markdown syntax in task notes. It is enabled by default, but you can disable it in settings.

Design was face-lifted, now it is responsive – automatically adapts for screens of mobile devices.

Added support of dark mode. You can disable it in the settings.

Settings are not saved in ‘db/config.php’ file anymore, now they saved in database. Password is stored in hashed form. If you forgot it you have to change a database entry manually (set to empty value) or use mtt-edit-settings.php script (available in sources) in command line to edit the settings.

Session data is now stored in the database as well and does not use any files in ‘tmp/sessions’ directory, so ‘tmp’ folder was removed.

Configuration for the database connection is stored in ‘config.php’ file in the root of mytinytodo installation. This file is generated and saved automatically while setup process. You can make it read-only after install.

Other changes in directory structure: translation files moved to ‘includes’, javascript files moved to ‘content’. Now ‘content’ folder has only static files for public access, ‘includes’ folder has private files for backend and can be closed.

To update previous version (at least v1.4) just replace all files except ‘db’ directory. Minimal supported version of PHP is 7.2.

Full changelog – https://www.mytinytodo.net/history.php

Updated demo – https://www.mytinytodo.net/demo/

Download at https://www.mytinytodo.net/download.php

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