myTinyTodo v1.2 final

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By , July 28, 2009 18:00

Final release of myTinyTodo v1.2. License: GNU GPL v3+.

Download | Demo | Homepage

What’s new after v1.2 b2

  • Some filters combined into taskview selector
  • db installer/updater combined into one file setup.php
  • Bug fixed

This version includes new setup.php which is used both to install new database (old dba.php) and to update database (old update_xxx_yyy.php). So, to update from previous version just replace files from source excluding directory ‘db’ and then run ‘setup.php’.

Info for translators

  • String added: tasks_and_compl.
  • Strings removed: show_completed, hide_completed.

Update 2009-08-14: script updated to v1.2.1.

  • Can view error details by clicking on ‘some error occurred’ message
  • Now it’s not necessary to have enabled php option ‘short_open_tag’
  • setup.php does not support sqlite2 anymore

myTinyTodo v1.2 beta 2

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By , July 19, 2009 20:22

New beta version of myTinyTodo is available.
Download | Demo

License: GPL v3

To update v1.1 just replace files from source excluding directory ‘db’. Then run ‘update_110_120.php’ to update database.

What’s new

  • Bugs fixed
  • Added calendar for easy selecting due date. Your can select dispaly format of due date in edit form in config file (Y-M-D, M/D/Y, D.M.Y)
  • Changes in session handling. Now you can select to store session files in separate directory (useful on shared hosting). Enabled by default for new installations (see db/config.php for details). Be sure that directory ‘tmp/sessions’ is writable for webserver/php.

Info for translators

  • Added string: days_min.

Update: released v1.2 final

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