v1.3 updates

By , November 27, 2009 15:55

Released new version of myTinyTodo – v1.3.1.

This is mostly a bugfix release, but some features were added:

  • individual sorting for every tasklist
  • ability to publish lists separetely

Thanks for bug reports: Progi1984, heraldboy.

Next releases of v1.3 branch will be published in this post.

Update  2009-12-29

v1.3.2 is published. Here are some changes:

  • can move task to other list
  • show dates when the task was created and completed (in task edit)
  • support of prefix for database tables
  • settings page can be localized in language pack

Update 2010-01-29

v1.3.3 is published.

  • It has many small changes in interface.
  • Now you can change order of tabs or even show only one tab for all lists.
  • Added style for Right-to-left languages translations.
  • Added export to csv.

To use single tab interface add “singletab” query parameter to mytinytodo url like this: http://www.mytinytodo.net/demo/?singletab

You can export the tasks from some list to csv file (manually as for now) by running as follows:
Example: http://www.mytinytodo.net/demo/export.php?list=1&format=csv

Thanks to merzhin, Alexander Teague, Mostafa Khadem and to all translators.

After update to v1.3.3 you can delete “images” directory and .css files in mytinytodo root directory.

Update 2010-02-16

v1.3.4 is published.

Some enhancements:

  • Now each list has own URL: /mytinytodo/?list=1 or /mytinytodo/#list/1.
  • Added ability to use html tags (b,i,u,s) to highlight required text (in title or notes).

Thanks to merzhin for patches.

Update 2010-05-11

v1.3.5 is published.

All the changes you can find in changelog.

177 Responses to “v1.3 updates”

  1. MAC says:

    Hello Max

    I’ve used myTinyTodoList, but i’ve upgraded it and then it never worked. I created a new MySql db, downloaded a fresh instalation, I’ve chosen mysql on db\config.php line 7, but it allways displays the same error:

    Exception: ‘Table ‘WPtd.lists’ doesn’t exist’ in /var/www/WPtd/class.db.mysql.php:23

    And I’ve never manneged to usit again. This is happening since version 1.3.0

    • Max Pozdeev says:

      Did you use setup.php to create db tables?

      • Speed says:


        I also upgraded from 1.2.6 to 1.3.1 today and after running the first update it showed the settings page etc. (but blank index.php page).

        Then suddenly it completely stopped working and now after deleting the database, creating a new one and doing a full reinstallation it still shows this error:

        Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘could not find driver’ in C:\xampp\htdocs\xampp\todo\class.db.sqlite3.php:64 Stack trace: #0 C:\xampp\htdocs\xampp\todo\init.php(22): Database_Sqlite3->connect(‘./db/todolist.d…’) #1 C:\xampp\htdocs\xampp\todo\index.php(9): require_once(‘C:\xampp\htdocs…’) #2 {main} thrown in C:\xampp\htdocs\xampp\todo\class.db.sqlite3.php on line 64

        What do you think?

  2. heraldboy says:

    very good,Want to become better and better

  3. Adam says:

    hello, multiple lists is great news, i have one question though: how can I move tasks between lists? If it’s not possible, i think it would be great addition.

    Also, another idea: to have possibility of creating “view”, i.e.: i have 86 tasks, 20 marked “maybe”. It would be great, if I could add new “view” – all marked maybe – as new list in header

    Thank you in advance

    • Filme Noi says:

      Yes indeed, this feature would indeed be very nice, to be able to move tasks between lists (either with drag’n’drop, or maybe it’s simpler to implement it just by displaying and editing the “Parent task-list” as a “property” of the task).

      Max, have you already implemented this in the mean time? Or do you have any plans to implement it?

      • Filme Noi says:

        Oh, sorry, I’ve just discovered that indeed this feature is now supported: Just click the small down-arrow for the task, and in the context menu you can find the option “Move to -> …”

        I’ve discovered that you do support moving between lists after I had a look at the MyTinyTodo php source code to see if this option could be easily implemented (I was thinking that I could contribute in case I can implement it), and found it already implemented 🙂

        Max, congrats again for this tool, it’s extremely useful!

        For example we use it for managing our todo-list for our tiny website that displays movie trailers for the Romanian audience (it’s called “Filme noi la cinema” in the Romanian language 🙂 )

  4. JCartier says:

    Great tool !

    I have 2 wishes : multiuser and create a list from an already existing one (or at least create a list from a text) …

    Trying to modify your source…

  5. JCartier says:

    A little bug : When you delete all lists, you can’t create a new one…

  6. JCartier says:

    This is a french package : http://www.jcartier.net/jc/fr.php

  7. Martin says:

    Fantastic software! Exactly what I have been looking for (for really long!). Very easy to use! Thank you!

    Just one additional idea:
    it would be great to have something like “multiple projects” as well above the multiple lists. Maybe just as an additional GET-param “?project=NAME” that just shows lists for that project?

    Keep on with that great work!

    • Max Pozdeev says:


      “Multiple projects” looks like a feature of a higher class software for collaborative work.

      I think that in mytinytodo this can be realized as tabs (projects) and sub-tasks (categories).

      • Martin says:

        It surely is the ease of use of myTinyTodo that makes it so valuable and fun to use.

        That multiple project idea shouldn’t add any complexity! It’s just to “filter” one or some tabs by URL.

        The background of that idea:
        we are a software development company and have several customer projects.
        The larger projects are using something like Atlassian Jira to manage issues and tasks.
        But for most this is overhead and myTinyTodo would be the perfect fit.
        I thought about setting up a separate installation of myTinyTodo for every project that wants a powerful todo list. But this of course is some administrative effort each time and cannot just be used by our users. On the other hand, one project does not want to see the todo lists (tabs) of other projects.
        Maybe one could look at it another way: what about introducing tags for tabs and allowing to filter tabs by tag? That would be a more general approach and enable the same functionality, if the filter could be applied in the URL.

        And just another idea/question: is it possible to let newly added todos appear at the top of the list instead of the bottom? If there are a “page full” todos in the list, one first has to scroll down to edit details or place the new task where it should go to 🙂

        Best regards,

  8. JCartier says:

    To create Multiples simple tasks from texte :

    1- Add a from with a textarea named tasks to past multilines
    2- Add an event in Ajax.js

    function submitNewTasks(form)
    if(form.tasks.value == ”) return false;
    var tz = -1 * (new Date()).getTimezoneOffset();
    var nocache = ‘&rnd=’+Math.random();
    stringToSplit = form.tasks.value;
    arrayOfStrings = stringToSplit.split(“\n”);
    curListId = curList.id;
    for (var i=0; i < arrayOfStrings.length; i++) {
    if(arrayOfStrings[i] != '') {
    $.post('ajax.php?newTask'+nocache, { list:curListId, title: arrayOfStrings[i], tz:tz, tag:filter.tag }, function(json){
    if(!parseInt(json.total)) return;
    $('#total').text( parseInt($('#total').text()) + parseInt(json.total) );
    form.task.value = '';
    var item = json.list[0];
    taskList[item.id] = item;
    $('#taskrow_'+item.id).effect("highlight", {color:theme.newTaskFlashColor}, 2000);
    }, 'json');
    flag.tagsChanged = true;
    return false;

    3- Debug 🙂

    It would be usefull !


    Jean CARTIER

  9. John says:

    Wow, an excellent piece of software. Exactly what I needed. 1 small request: WOuld it be possible to add a button that will print the current list ?

  10. Ray says:

    Hi, very nice application, is it possible to have more than one note for each task?

  11. Alex says:

    Hi Max,

    you could at least mention that people have helped you width the new update…just a line i think would be enough. 🙁

    I like the new updates too, btw! 🙂

    • Max Pozdeev says:

      You’re right. I’ve updated this post, sorry if I forgot someone.

      Your code will be included into the source soon, btw.

  12. Adil says:

    Hello Max,

    I am really impressed with the application. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while and it’s almost perfect 🙂
    I wanted to ask if it’s possible to add another column to the list: i’d like to show the id number minus 1 (to start at zero) for each note. I’m new to all aspects of website creating. I’m getting the hang of html, css, php and mysql. Javascript and Jquery are a lot harder for me unfortunately 🙂

    Thanks in advance,


  13. Art of Tea says:

    Brilliant work.

    Some feature suggestions:
    – Tab order
    – Custom priority (to be able to change “+2” to “high” for example)
    – HTML for information, maybe a basic WYSIWYG editor for bold, italic, strikeout, underline or highlight.

    An absolute masterpiece if I may say so.

    • Max Pozdeev says:


      I did not come to final decision how to make “custom priority”, but the other features are in my todo.

  14. James says:


    Is it possible to add pagination?


  15. Dan Davidson says:

    This is a fantastic application, it is basically perfect for my needs. The only thing that I would really like to see is a way to distinguish marking a task as done, and then actually deleting that task from the view. The reason is that I like to see what tasks have been completed before completely removing them from a list. This used to be the case in the early betas, is there any hack I can do to the javascript?

    • Max Pozdeev says:

      The view called “Tasks + Completed” is not the way you need?

      • Dan Davidson says:

        Yep that is it, and I feel like a total tool now, I didn’t even know see that this feature was available! Thank you this solves the issue completely. Well done on this amazing application.

  16. Cervantes says:

    Max, it is possible you add for further versions an enable/disabled option in the settings page to print the Post/Note/ToDo published date???


  17. Max Pozdeev says:

    New version released – v1.3.2. Post updated.

    • Roman says:

      Love that new option to move posts to another tab/list! However I liked more the icon options instead of the new drop-down menu.

  18. Frederik says:

    Is it possible to export the data to csv or something like that?

  19. ben says:

    Hi, thank you for all your work.
    The new upgrade is amazing. Although an amazing addition would be for a note to work the same as it does on iCal on the mac. Where you can set an alarm via email. For example set an alarm to send out a email 1 day before the note is due. Would this require a cronjob?

    • Max Pozdeev says:

      Thanks. Yes, cronjob is necessary to send notifications.

      • Rúben says:

        Hello Max,

        I use your application since 3 months and now i will update to the new version.

        It is possible to add this system for a next version?

        It’s only a email system to reminder us the end of the task that we must do(choosing if want to reminder from 1,3,5 or 15 hours,days or month) ??

        Thanks for your time and for the help


  20. Pentest says:

    Do we need to update the database if we update from v1.3.1 to v1.3.2 ?

  21. Jesse M says:

    Hey Max,

    Thanks again for continuing to improve this already useful app !

    When I installed a fresh copy of 1.3.2 (am using 1.3.0 now) I get this error:

    Exception: ‘no such table: mtt_lists’ in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/todo2/class.db.sqlite3.php:31

    Any idea of a fix? Please feel free to shoot me an email, etc.. thanks!!

  22. Fahed says:

    Hi Max,

    Thanks for this great software.

    Any plans to support simple task delegation?

  23. eDonkey says:

    Hi Max. I have a quick question. I just upgraded to 1.3.3 version and now I can’t see the css “class” to show up the posted Task date. Can you please let me know which one it is?.

    Don’t you think for further version you can add an enabled/disabled option in the Settings page to display this date?

    Thanks master!!

  24. asleo says:

    Hi Max. My compliments for your “todo”: I love “more less, more better”. Mixing usability and power togheter, It seem a simple work but I know It’s hard. Yours is a very good work 🙂
    So, I’d modified a few line of code becouse it was useful for me have a “virtual” list that include all lists, so I can see all tasks and order them with priority in “intralist” mode. Well, before create a subversion with this issues, I ask you if it is a feature you have into your todo list. If do, I wait for them.
    A suggest for user: we use your sw into a team, using our nick as tag. So, filtering by “tag = myName” we can see all task assigned: it’s a simple mode to “create” a multiuser workspace 🙂
    Thank you for your work!

  25. Eli says:

    how can we use this and add multiple users with their own private to do list?

    like if its part of a larger website when a user logs in they get access to only their todo list associated with their account.

    • Max Pozdeev says:

      In multiuser version it will be not so hard as in current one.

      • Eli says:

        ah excellent. Can’t wait!

        if it comes to have such a feature i’m loading up my paypal account.

        I was wondering. If I rename the index.php to todo.php and move it into a higher directory what would I have to change for the site not to break?

        • Max Pozdeev says:

          Many things

          • Eli says:

            aside from the obvious dir paths to fix. is there any one page in specific that needs the page to be called index.php?

            on the surface it looks easy to change the dir paths to match up, but if i simply rename it to todo.php and keep it in the same place the site won’t load correctly. So i was wondering if there is a line of code that refers to the themes and scripting to the index.php

  26. Arris says:

    Warning: fopen(./db/config.php) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/merlin/html/todo/common.php on line 119

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘Error while saving config file’ in /home/merlin/html/todo/common.php:120 Stack trace: #0 /home/merlin/html/todo/setup.php(68): Config::save(Array) #1 {main} thrown in /home/merlin/html/todo/common.php on line 120

    Версия 1.3.3, установка с нуля.
    Заливается в каталог /html/todo к другу.
    При этом:

    домен: http://rainbow.mwanted.spb.ru

    • Max Pozdeev says:

      Похоже, нет прав на запись в файл db/config.php, где хранятся настройки скрипта. Попробуйте установить права 0666 на этот файл.

      • Arris says:

        Да, действительно. Странно, мне показалось, что ставил 0666.

        Вот еще в setup.php хорошо бы спрашивать префикс таблицы.

  27. Eli says:

    ah, nice. You amaze me of how smart you are!

    I would just like to add as a feature for your next release if that release happens to come with the multi user registration.

    For it to be easier to integrate into existing sites using the cookies and sessions already created by existing login systems. Rather than having one proprietary session handling system to make it fuse in with the existing site as a possible widget of some sort 😉

    Also, to make calendar theme able along with the entire todo system. (it looks like it is already, but a more standard approach?)

  28. Atika says:

    I don’t found your email. I post my problem here.
    I just installed this programs on Apache and Mac OSX system with sqlite. I wanted to test them to see is functionalities and if it’s customisable. I want to change the interface to stay in my desktop and use with my iPhone.

    When I have added a due date to the task, it’s write an error and the tasks don’t display :

    Warning: ‘mktime(): It is not safe to rely on the system’s timezone settings. You are *required* to use the date.timezone setting or the date_default_timezone_set() function. In case you used any of those methods and you are still getting this warning, you most likely misspelled the timezone identifier. We selected ‘Europe/Berlin’ for ‘CET/1.0/no DST’ instead’ in /Volumes/WD320/dragon/Sites/manager/mytinytodo/ajax.php:656

    I thinks it’s a little bug due to local time, but I am not an expert to found an solution. Thanks for the reply

    • Max Pozdeev says:

      Try to set correct timezone setting in php.ini, like as follows:
      date.timezone = Europe/Berlin

      • Atika says:

        I never modified the php.ini, just apache configuration. I think I will take a look a day…

        Thanks for your answer, it’s work. 🙂

        date.timezone = Europe/Paris

  29. Popo says:

    Greetings Max! What else is new in this 1.3.4 version besides the option to show the date task and the blue background for negatives priorities?

  30. mihalch says:

    Hey. Great tool m8

    Could you add, please, number of openeded tasks on the project tab near project names? Will be really cool.

    thanx again for this.

  31. Ben says:

    Hi, when I have strict error reporting in the php.ini I get the following error:

    Strict Standards: Non-static method Config::loadConfig() should not be called statically in /Users/ben/Sites/notes/init.php on line 10

  32. Cervantes says:

    Hi Max, Am I wrong or the Sort By options are not available anymore in this new version? I’m trying to order post by hand however I can’t… Is that option no working anymore neither? Thanks!!!

    • Max Pozdeev says:

      It’s now in the tab menu.

      • Tom says:

        Is there a way to have i) first the sort by priority and then ii) finetuning this sorting order manually? I foud when switching the order, that the previous order is dropped and the new (by prio, manually, or by date) becomes active.

        • Max Pozdeev says:

          There is no such way.

          By finetuning you mean to reorder the tasks with the same priorities?

          • Tom says:

            I mean that you can make first an automatic sorting (e.g. sorting by priority) but then simply move some entries to another place.

            In other words, at the moment, one of the three possibilities “rules”, you cannot change order later. My suggestion is simply that you allow manual moves at any time!

  33. Cervantes says:

    oops! yeap, you got it!! Thanks!

  34. nos says:

    Hi Max,

    thanks for that great todolist. Will there be (somewhen 🙂 a possibility to lock a todolist when it is public?


  35. Thom Porter says:

    Awesome tool! I love it!

    Not sure if any/all of this has already been mentioned, but some ideas I had for it:

    A trash can icon up by the RSS feed icon that I can drag tasks to would be sweet.

    Having it so you could drag tasks to tabs to change what tab they’re on would be sweet.

    If you do that, then duplicating that whole header (tabs & trash can icon) at the bottom of the page would be nice too. =)

    Sub-Tasks would be nice, but I can live without em too! (I’m about to, because I’m switching to your software! =)

    -Thom Porter

    • Thom Porter says:

      This may be a little too “application specific”, but I thought I’d throw it out there…

      Let me take all completed tasks and create a Revision. Then, the next revision I create should only include all completed since the last revision. A screen to double check all of the items going into the revision would be nice too, with the option of excluding some if need be.

      Here’s my reason behind this: I develop on a machine here in my home. I use the Todo list as I go, checking items off, but I don’t always sync the changes I’ve made to the staging server for my client to look at. Having these revisions would let my client see what is new on the staging server, and what has been completed, but has yet to sync.

      For now I’m tagging, but that’s a pain, and doesn’t include any date information… A revision could include name, date and maybe version?

  36. Maxi says:

    Really a very good tool. I would be glad if the next update adds a user and rights management comes. Furthermore, it would be cool if user comments or other internal data (Word file, for example) could add to the ticket.

  37. zver1k says:

    Как сделать чтобы выполненные задачи не удалялись а просто вычеркивались? Заранее спасибо!
    How to make the completed tasks are not removed but simply crossed out? Thanks in advance!

    • Max Pozdeev says:

      В свойствах списка (меню) поставьте галочку “Show completed tasks”

  38. Kerk says:

    А то, что задачи сортируются не по дате, а в порядке добавления – это баг или фича? Допустим, если я хочу перенести какую-то сегодняшнюю задачу на завтра, то странно оно начинает выглядеть 🙂

    • Max Pozdeev says:

      Честно говоря, не понял о чем вы. Быть может нужно сделать сортировку по Due Date?

      • Kerk says:

        Да, я про это.
        Просто сначала не нашел, где сортировку переключить 🙂

  39. Gabrin says:

    А кто-нибудь пытался увязать todo с профилями пользователей? чтоб можно было задачи ставить другим людям.
    Хорошо было бы еще теги и дату добавлять прямо в текстовом поле после какого-нибудь спецсимвола ( тип ! или # )

  40. Mike says:

    hi, i just found a bug, when i created a task with a due date and i try to change priority, it does not save.

    Thanks for this nice piece of sw!

  41. Hans says:

    the prio-popup is awesome. however, it would be more useful if there was a dedicated space for priorities, which would just be an empty box for priority 0.

    thanks for your great work!

  42. Tom says:

    Hello Max.

    First : great job, thanks 100 times.
    Second : in order to complete your FAQ, there’s one little trick for php decode($content);

    if ( !function_exists(‘json_encode’) ){
    function json_encode($content){
    require_once ‘./json.php’;
    $json = new Services_JSON;

    return $json->encode($content);

    We got it.
    I’m no good at english, no good at coding, ‘sure you gonna do better, see you 🙂

    • Max Pozdeev says:

      Thanks. Are you talking about implementing of json_encode function? It’s bundled with PHP since v5.2.

  43. Con Schneider says:

    This task list is nifty!

    It is just when using my phone I accidentally tick boxes and then the tasks are gone. :/

    Is there a way to keep completed tasks on the list and not instantly delete them?

  44. Matt says:

    How might I go about making this task list collaborative with my friends or coworkers so we can assign each other tasks as well as leave comments on each other’s tasks.

  45. Burro says:

    Good day Max! I was wondering why the TinyTodo doesn’t support mobile phones? I’m trying to access to my TinyToDo pages from my BlackBerry but I can’t. I just appears the settings links, which it doesn’t work neither.

    Thanks man! Cheers!

  46. Tenshi says:

    Ok, I manage do lock the actual posting, but i left Feed.php to be opened for public, now the problem is, when a todo is deleted in /feed.php?list=1 , the post is still there, how can i fix that?

  47. Vladimir54ru says:

    Пытаюсь тинитодо под последнюю верси денвера, но не запускается сетап.пхп, к вам обращались с таким? как решается?

    • Vladimir54ru says:

      выдает Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘could not find driver’ in X:\home\task\www\class.db.sqlite3.php:65 Stack trace: #0 X:\home\task\www\init.php(33): Database_Sqlite3->connect(‘X:\home\task\ww…’) #1 X:\home\task\www\setup.php(25): require_once(‘X:\home\task\ww…’) #2 {main} thrown in X:\home\task\www\class.db.sqlite3.php on line 65

    • Max Pozdeev says:

      Похоже, не хватает библиотек php для работы с sqlite.
      При запуске setup.php идет подключение к базе (по-умолчанию sqlite), потому и ошибка. Надо будет поправить этот момент.

      Сейчас вы можете либо включить библиотеки pdo_sqlite, либо вручную исправить в конфиге (db/config.php) настройки на подключение mysql.

      • Vladimir54ru says:

        Вы извините меня тупняка за назойливость. Впервые сталкиваюсь вообще с установкой веб приложений, не откажите в помощи 🙂
        в конфиге для того что бы исправить я меняю все упоминания sqlite на mysql? и все?

  48. damon says:

    I added the following in the index.php so that my mobile Nexus One would scroll the page down removing the header from view.


    window.addEventListener(‘load’, function(){
    setTimeout(scrollTo, 0, 0, 1);
    }, false);


  49. damon says:

    oops, last post left our my opening and closing script tags.

  50. Alex says:

    Hi !
    This program looks great. Pretty much what I’ve been looking for a long time.

    Any plans on adding a (maybe optional) task progress option?

    Thanks you !

  51. Pablo says:

    There is a small need of one big list of all lists to view all tasks in one place with the information to which list it belongs.
    The application is great but I have about 20 lists and I need to seek new entries trough all lists. It is troublesome.
    Thank you for reply.

  52. Pascal says:

    Feature request: Add an option for always show notes.

    • Vishal says:

      For some reason, notes are not staying visible after you switch to different tab or log out.

      Is there any way to leave them ‘on’/’visible’ for good.

      Thank you.

  53. Renato says:

    Congratulations to all involved in the project, met recently, but already shows a tool of great help.

    I do not know if it is the focus of the project, but I suggest for future versions: creation of user levels, where a user of a project manager for example, delegate the tasks to be done and the users of this project only perform tasks without being able to delete them.

  54. Alinos says:


    Using the new version 1.3.5, I’m not able to set the read-only parameter, could you help please?


  55. Progi1984 says:


    As you can see in the current demo (http://www.mytinytodo.net/demo/), when you are in tabs in multiline, the CSS styling is not perfect.


  56. Jakov says:

    Hi, thanks for your work. I have a q? – I want a confirm before deleting entry. How can i do that?

  57. vunalodge says:

    Hi, this is great work! Its just one missing feature for me: Do you plan a file attach possiblity?

  58. Vitor Margis says:

    First of all, congrats for tje wonderful project myTinyTodo has become, it has been quite useful to me…

    I took the liberty to implement a Progress Percent Bar for each task.(I was in need of it)

    i dont know if such thing is in you todo list
    but if you want to take a look and see how mine looks like…


    if you like it, fell free to use the layout

  59. Alex says:

    Hi Vitor and Max,


    Where can I get your flavour of myTinyTodo ?
    I also need some progress information feature and the -5 –> +5 priority levels.

    Is there a place I can download your mod ?

    Thanks for helping !

  60. Gabor says:

    Hi Max, I have a performance question:

    Is the tasklist processed by javascript on the user’s browser, or is PHP doing it on the server?

    I’m developing a wiki where we automatically create to-do lists for each new article, ~10 tasks per article, of which only the few top priority are important, the rest are for the future. This means we accumulate literally thousands of tasks, and most of them will linger in the system for a long time, until completed or marked as obsolete.

    I tried using Remember the Milk via their API as a back-end to manage the tasks, but their javascript code seems to process the whole tasklist at every click on the website — effectively freezing the page for several minutes, until the JS code runs in the browser.


    • Max Pozdeev says:

      PHP is actively used to process storage routines via AJAX requests. Try to look at firebug console in firefox for better understanding.

  61. Jakov says:

    Hi Max! I’m using your version of v1.3.5. It’s great. I use a tool to check the change in the new version, but nothing found, except \lang\ru. Second, on your Demo page, the first tab, when an item gets checked, it’s stricken through, doesn’t disappear. But on the new tab, it disappears when gets checked. Please tell me why. What if I need a confirmation before deleting? Thanks a lot!

    • Max Pozdeev says:

      You can find history of changes on http://www.mytinytodo.net/history.php

      To hide completed tasks unset “Show completed tasks” in the tab properties.

      • Jakov says:

        Oh, I see. Now I understand why you have the complete task disappear! It’s so cooool! BTW, someone and I like to have a full list on a “General” tab, the last/first tab. What do you think? It would be useful in case we need to have an overview of the whole works. Thanks again!

  62. Samuel says:

    Hi there, help me please:

    I installed mytinytodo into my web aplication to run inside of a page (in a tag) but I found 2 critical problems:

    1. when I select any popup menu (tasklist or a task) the menu is shown very far from it’s position (outside the page).

    2. My page uses charset 8859-1 and mytinytodo uses utf8. When I create a new task using accents like áéíóú, the character is shown with extrange letters and signs. (I need to use them because i’m spanish talker).

    thanks a lot.

    • Max Pozdeev says:

      1. Show me the site where I can test it, cause this can be an integration issue (you can send the URL to my email).

      2. Non-utf8 encoding is not suitable for mytinytodo. Can you use utf8 on your site?

  63. Johan says:

    The scripts seems very good.
    I just discovered the website todoist.com.

    Are their plans to go in this direction of programming?

    I like to know.

  64. Jakov says:

    Hello Max,

    I’m looking for the way to add subtask. Or I’d like if RSS feature can be kept updated with changes in comments. I don’t know if you’re interested in my suggestion?

    Thanks again and have a nice day!

  65. Vishal says:

    How about this feature:

    1) In the tab next to the title, in little smaller fonts, it can show total number of tasks in that group.

    2) Ability to give access to other users to view only certain tab. So if I create 5 tabs with 5 names, I can give access to others to access their individual tab and tasks within it only.

    3) Save link when “adding note” could be made little big or a small button instead of just text.

    P.S. Thanks for this awesome tool – its very useful.


    • Max Pozdeev says:

      1. Is it really needed? I have thoughts about to use this number to show the tasks changed or added after tab opening.

      2. Interesting.

      3. Actually I’m thinking about to remove inline edit of notes. Because it seems to use this not faster than to use douleclick to edit the task and type the note there.

  66. Jim Sharpe says:

    What would be very handy is if there was the ability to archive a tab once all of the things on the list are finished so that the tab is still there, but doesn’t show up anymore.

    I create a new tab every day, and once the items on the list are done, I want to be able to archive the tab to get it off the top. I can’t just delete it, because I want to go back and get it later if I want to find out when something was done. The ability to pull the tab from an archive would be great, and as easy as setting a flag in the database to not display archived tabs, but have an extra option to be able to view archives.

    • Max Pozdeev says:

      How about to use tab groupings like a folders in Google Reader? So ‘Archive’ will be one of such folders without special archival processing.

  67. Tarkadu says:

    First of all: Thanks for this great tool. You’re exactly on the right track with your concept of keeping todo-lists simple!

    What I’m missing is:
    a) The date of completion of a task is only visible after double-clicking to see the task details. It should be shown in the overview as well.

    b) Related to that, I think that the sorting of completed tasks should be separated from the sorting of active tasks.
    – “Sort by due date” ist activated.
    – “Show completed tasks” is activated.
    – I want to check which tasks of a list were completed today.
    – Currently I have to use the workaround of switching to “Sort by hand” to have completed tasks sorted by date of completion.

    I suggest to generally sort completed tasks according to the date and time of completion. Also I suggest to sort completed tasks in a descending order, (i.e. recently completed tasks at the top) to reduce scrolling with long lists.

    To make this optional, you could introduce a new tab-setting “Sort completed tasks by date of completion”.

    In the case of long lists of active tasks, another filter “Show only completed tasks” would also be great to reduce scrolling.

    Thanks for your time!

  68. codex73 says:

    Is multiuser or multiple projects an addition soon to be implemented?

  69. codex73 says:

    I think what users are trying to refer as “Multiple Projects” could easily be solved by having a parent task to a group of tasks. eg. Project1 (task 1, task 2, task 3).

    The tabs header mainly mimics this functionality but it could get crowded. I know tadalists (7signals) use this functionality, they call it lists the same as mytiny but they are collapsed or expanded vertically which allows the user to use it to create multiple projects “LISTS”.

    Just a thought. Very similar. A tab becomes the cabinet for lists, …. lists have childs…..

  70. codex73 says:

    Simple enough, vertical lists.

  71. Tomas Tunkl says:

    Well done! I would maybe put something like mobile.php and really put just important features and make it touchable. Now it is nearly 300 kB and it is quite a lot for the mobile devices. Maybe doing something like a button to sync just the tasks and not to reaload the whole page would be good for mobile devices. Otherwise: GREAT JOB!

  72. Rob says:

    Very well done, I like your work!

    When will you release a new version for multiple users? Have you planned to release and alpha/beta of it?



  73. james says:

    I thought it’d be useful if I received daily emails containing my Todo entries, so I had a poke around with the database and wrote a bit of MySQL and Python to do this. Since it’s hard to explain in a comment box I’ve written what to do on my own website.

    Here’s the link if anyone’s interested


    Hope someone finds it useful 🙂

  74. J says:

    This is pretty cool. Works pretty much exactly how I would like it short of user privileges. I wouldnt mind a view only user but this is perfect.

  75. J says:

    oh and I wouldnt mind if it locked past due items to the top of the list. Seriously though, awesome

  76. Just123i says:

    Hi! Thank you for the work done. Please tell me how to make the tag “a” processed normally in the task list?

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