v1.4 beta

By , January 1, 2011 21:56

New beta version of myTinyTodo is available to download and test.

Main features are multi tags filter and all tasks tab (changelog).

Thanks to all who helped me for bug reports, code contributing, donations, translations.

Run setup.php after upload. Then go to settings and specify date-n-time options.

30 Responses to “v1.4 beta”

  1. ronald says:

    Thanks for the great script. I’ve tested 1.4 beta. No issues so far. But it would be great if all lists together could be combined in 1 RSS feed.

  2. Ein says:

    First of all let me thank you for your great application. It’s slim and easy to use!

    Do you plan to introduce sub-tasks in v1.4?

    • Max Pozdeev says:

      No. I want to make a multiuser version first.

      • gmcms says:

        Thanks for this great script. It would be nice if the multiuser feature was based on a projects->user model (ie. which projects are accessible for each user).
        Best Regards

        • viktor says:

          when will the multiuser be ready? thanks! the script is definitly nice, but multi-user for me is a must

  3. jshvrsn says:

    1.4b looks great! Very nice work.

  4. Siaržuk Piatroúski says:

    Yeah, it’s cool news! 😉 I’m use myTinyTodo over one year and this best todo-like webapp!

  5. ronny says:

    when “first day of week” is setted to monday (german language) the calendar shows Sunday as first Day.

  6. Siaržuk Piatroúski says:

    » Enhanced: no modal window for task edit

  7. Menno says:

    First of all I like to thank you for creating the todo list, it’s very usefull!

    Secondly, I would like to suggest a new feature: the ability to configure which project tabs are visible.

  8. ronny says:

    I would like tu update the german languages for 1.4
    Where can i send the modified languagefile?

  9. ronny says:

    a print-function would be useful

  10. ronny says:

    On Settings-Page, changing the Dateformat (+shortform) ($set_date AND $set_date2) to “custom”, the date will be customised. reloading the settings-page shows defaultvalues on Dateformat-Button (8.Januar 2011 and yyyy-mm-dd…) instead of “Custom”.

    • Max Pozdeev says:

      “8.Januar 2011” is non-default format. If your format is identical to some of predefined values it will be showed not as “Custom”.

  11. ronny says:

    on settings-page there is no language-tag for “Custom” on Dateformat-buttons

  12. ronny says:

    it would be cool if the possibility of attachments exists.

  13. howard says:

    Hi – thank you for this app… question, is it possible to attach a file to a task item? I would love to be able to attach a PDF or JPEG image that is a document or photo that I need to reference to complete a given task… 🙂 would be great! but I’m guessing this is a security block not possible through current browsers…

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