v1.7 stable

By , November 3, 2022 16:23

Final version of 1.7 is released after 2 months of beta-testing. Some bugs were caught and fixed, some new features implemented (and new bugs).

JavaScript part is migrating to ECMAScript-2015 (ES6).

Also I started to implement internal API for extensions. Extensions will be used for tests of new features and experiments before merging to the main codebase. Will try to make it stable, so you can create you own for your needs.

First introduced extension is Notifications. Used to send emails and telegram messages about new tasks in your lists. To enable it you have to expand the archive extensions.tag.gz in ‘ext’ folder and then go to settings to activate it. To send telegrams you need to create your own telegram bot and specify its token in extension settings.

Full changelog – https://www.mytinytodo.net/history.php

Download at https://www.mytinytodo.net/download.php

7 Responses to “v1.7 stable”

  1. Andrew says:

    Is there a way to delete completed tasks all at once? Right now, I am deleting them one by one and when there is a long list, this is tedious.

  2. bernd says:

    I really love this application, it is quick, non-bloated, and easy to set up.

  3. alias says:

    when will you add an option so users can register and make their own boards? for now it’s available only for 1 man

  4. Mark says:

    Love your app. Here’s a big request – Telegram integration 😀 ok I think it’s a long shot but would be great.

    • Max Pozdeev says:

      What kind of integration do you mean?
      v1.7 has notification extension with Telegram
      support, you can test it.

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